Monday, February 20, 2012

An iPad and a Glass of Wine

It was Valentine's Day.  It's not exactly a day when one can call a friend to hang out because most folks are paired up.  And for those who aren't and want to be, it's a night to try to find someone.  And like I tell my husband, I feel single sometimes, but I just can't date!  So there we were, just a bit more lonely than usual.

You know how cell phones have a slight delay that tends to cut off conversation at times?  They just weren't working for us that night.  But I had an idea.  We each have an iPad, so I suggested we give up on our phone conversation and try something new.  Face Time!  It's an incredible tool.  I called him, he answered, and there we were, virtually face to face.  We each poured a glass of wine, and spent the next half hour or so tapping our glasses in a toast and chatting.

This incredible app has been a godsend.  We have had dinner together, though three hours and three thousand miles apart.  We set it on the table in front of us as we eat, and chat as if we're across the dinner table.  We can carry it from room to room as we go about our evening.  I can show him new things in the house or the view outside as the season changes.  Last week, the grandchildren got to talk to Grandpa, too.

As my aunt used to say, we just took a tuck in the country.


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