Saturday, February 4, 2012

Apart Together...Here We Go

Monday, my wife and I separate. There is nothing wrong between us. We are we are going to try to manage a bi-coastal life together.

I landed a dream job in December and started as of January 1st this year. So, we decided to keep our home in the East (which is paid for) and maintain another out here on the West Coast. So we packed the car the day after Christmas and drove across country to the new West Coast Digs.

My wife leaves Monday and the adventure truly begins for both of us.

This blog is for old and new friends who we have invited into our adventure. They know who we are. We remain anonymous for those who happen to stumble into this blog and don't know us.

My wife and I came from this area so we already know it. But it is strange to spend over 7 years away and then come back.

My wife and I are committed followers of Jesus Christ. We live to do as He does. Love as He loves, and to practice the things He does. We endeavor to heal, restore and renew everywhere we find ourselves. We are about life, and this odd time of living on both coasts offers chances to stretch our skills and grow in so many ways.

This is our practice. We are "practitioners in the messianic arts", so to speak. This goes way beyond church attendance and what would conventionally be called "Christian." It is discipleship. It is the thing that makes us Christ's "body" right here, right now.

So, these will be our stories as we go. Come and share our journey.

Yours in adventure,

BC Left

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